Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

In May 2006, I launched Seanachie Nights (Seanachie is the Celtic word for storyteller): a monthly series of musical storytelling performances from Celtic and British culture that introduces the old stories - with all their comedy, tragedy, and adventure - to an adult audience.


Seanachie Nights is usually held on every third Monday of the month. Admission: Free ($9 suggested donation). Email Lynne Cullen at thetwacorbies@yahoo.com or call 207-253-0288 for further details.



Monday, September 18, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

British storyteller Simon Brooks



With his bodhrán, Simon Brooks performs tales with energy and wit. Performing to any size audience and retaining the intimacy of a one-on-one conversation is an experience not to miss. Telling folktales, myths and legends from all over the world, he brings characters vividly to life. From this world of stories Simon captivates his audience with unique voices to animate characters, and with expressive body language he truly brings the stories to life.


For more information, please visit www.diamondscree.com




Monday, October 16, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

Storyteller Andrea Kamens



"I like a good story," says Boston-area storyteller Andrea Kamens, "whether I make it up, I tell it, someone else tells it, or I read it."

Andrea brings her storytelling art to listeners of all ages, creating magical presentations of original material as well as telling folk and fairy tales from a variety of traditions. She began telling stories before she could read - stories to teach her sister with developmental disabilities to talk and make her brave enough to dive into the swimming pool; stories that had her friends galloping across the schoolyard on their invisible horses in a cliffhanger-laden drama that spanned a year of recess. Her infectious love of language, poetry, rhythm, and play have engaged members of her many communities for over two decades.

Andrea volunteers extensively, serving on the Allston-Brighton ABC Thrive board and the Parent Association of JCDS, Boston's Jewish Community Day School.




Monday, November 20, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

Irish storyteller Marianne McShane



A native of County Down, Marianne McShane is known for her expressive interpretation of Irish legends and Wonder Tales. Her lyrical storytelling transports listeners to a Celtic Otherworld of spells and enchantments. Marianne has been a featured storyteller at festivals and cultural events on both sides of the Atlantic. In July 2016, she was invited to tell at the Ulster Fleadh, a celebration of traditional Irish arts in her hometown of Bangor, Co. Down. She also performed this summer at the Foxford Riverfest in Co. Mayo.

Marianne loves to dance and play Celtic harp. She has even been known to kick off her shoes at the end of a tale to dance a step or two! M
arianne now lives in Stamford, CT, where she continues to tell and write stories.


For more information, please visit www.mariannemcshane.com




Monday, December 18, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

Musician/Singer/Storyteller Kate Chadbourne in: 'A Celtic Winter Celebration'



"Could anything be lovelier than the chance to return to Bull Feeney's enchanted room and the warm hosting of ... Lynne Cullen? You can feel the richness of dozens of storytellers and singers who have filled this room with their magic, and I am honored to join them on a December night. And to weave my own spell so close to the sea in the company of beloved friends and family ... and you."
- Kate Chadbourne


Kate Chadbourne is a singer, storyteller, and poet whose performances combine traditional tales with music for voice, harp, flutes, and piano. She holds a Ph.D. in Celtic Languages and Literatures from Harvard where she teaches courses in Irish language and folklore - but the heart of her understanding of Irish folk tradition comes from encounters with singers, storytellers, and great talkers in Ireland. She has been a featured "tradition bearer" in the Revels Salon series and in the Gaelic Roots Concert Series at Boston College, and her music has been featured on NPR's programs, "Cartalk" and "All Songs Considered." She has published two collections of poetry: "The Harp-Boat", about her father, a Maine lobsterman, winner of the Kulupi Press Sense of Place Chapbook Contest, and "Brigit's Woven World & other poems of Ireland".


For more information about Kate, please visit www.katechadbourne.com